Monday, June 11, 2007

Because I need another project to juggle

Today I got inspired to start on a bag I have in mind for my friend Heather's birthday. This "required" going out to buy yet another set of knitting needles. I didn't have the right size for what I have in mind. And if this thing turns out nearly half as well as I'm imagining it, I'll be quite impressed. Embellishing with a design done in embroidery floss? Creating my own cable pattern? Lining a bag? Potentially with a zippered part inside the lining? When I've never done any of those things? I am out of my mind, obviously.

I also bought a sketch pad to start writing down my ideas and jotting notes, in case I'm ever crazy enough to try to write a pattern. Or in case I think of something brilliant and don't want to forget it.

I went to Barnes and Noble at lunch today and picked up Sew U to help me in my process of teaching myself to sew. I really like the organization and the voice of the book. I'm a little discouraged by the fact that the patterns don't go larger than a 12, and I'm a couple of sizes bigger (at the moment, hoping to change that for a variety of reasons, but we'll add "sewing pattern sizes" to the list). Perhaps I can figure out how to fix them. It would be nice to be able to have three wardrobe-staple patterns that fit.

While there, I was also perusing through a few knitting books and flipped through Domiknitrix on a lark. Holy cow, I want this book. The patterns are neat, sure, but the first half of the book is a guide to all kinds of stitches, cast ons, decreases, etc., with color photography for each example and step-by-step instructions. I know how to do most of the things listed there, but it never hurts to have such a sensational reference guide. Plus, how much fun would it be to have a book called "Domiknitrix"? I'm easily amused.

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