Sunday, July 8, 2007

Slow Going

So I haven't posted here for a little while because I haven't had too much progress to discuss. (Mildly discernible) progress has been made on two projects, but they're large-ish projects, and I have no attention span, so they're taking much longer than I'd like them to. I'm contemplating having either a movie marathon or Firefly marathon and just sitting and knitting all day. Of course, that would get in the way of the cleaning and other things I need to be doing today. Decisions, decisions.

I've also been distracted with a couple of other projects.

Voldemort can't stop the rock Straight to the core

I made these out of ShrinkyDinks, and some jewelry-making material. I'd never made jewelry before, so I was happy they turned out as well as they did. There's room fr improvement, surely, but for being the first time I've played with these things, I'm quite happy.

I also attempted sewing a reconstruction of a shirt yesterday, but my sewing machine is a cheap little thing a does not appear to like t-shirt material. I'll need to borrow someone else's machine to finish it.

Yesterday, I picked up Knitscene and liked a few of their patterns, so maybe I'll be more inspired soon. Oh, and I got my Ravelry invite, so I'll be playing over there, too.

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