Sunday, July 15, 2007

No disassemble!

Gargle the giraffe in pieces

My friend Eric loves giraffes. He'll frequently go to the zoo just to visit them. So when Anna at Mochi Mochi Land created a giraffe, I knew that I had to make it for him for his birthday, which is soon. I kept waiting and waiting for the pattern to be posted, and finally, it was!

I started working on this Friday. If I'd had stuffing, I would have been able to nearly finish it yesterday. As it is, I was able to finish all the pieces within a few hours. It's a wonderfully easy pattern to follow and so much fun to knit. Hopefully today he will be finished, and there will be an updated post soon.

Yesterday I took a trip to the LYS and spent way too much money (well, relative to my available cash flow) on yarn. But most of it was for other people–more yarn for my mother's blanket and yarn to send to Leina for a swap. I also picked up the issue of Interweave Knits that has Eunny Jang's Venezia pullover. One day, maybe, I'll actually get around to knitting it.

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