Monday, June 18, 2007

One of my more stupid moments

I'm working on this project that I want to have a nice sort of open feel to part of it. So I had in my mind this idea that I would put in yarn overs to create a diamond shaped "lace" feel. But I could not for the life of me figure out how to make the yarn overs work in a way that was attractive and sturdy.

That would be because I forgot that I'd need to purl across the wrong side, not try to work in the pattern. Yep, I'm a genius.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong as I was looking at a pattern book in Barnes and Noble last night. Went home, tried it out on my swatch, et voilá, working pattern.

Of course, I'm doing this in the round, so I'll have to remember to knit the rows after the yarn overs, but I feel much better for having figured this out. I also feel stupid, but hey, what can you do?

In other news, I have never felt any desire to knit socks. Mostly because I live in Florida, it's hot, and I try to avoid wearing full on shoes as much as possible, never mind socks (flip flops are a Florida girl's best friends). I am, however, completely in love with the idea of knitting knee socks, or stockings. I know, go figure. I picked up the Interweave Knits Summer '07 issue yesterday, and there's a pattern for both in it, so I may have to try this out. This could be the shortest-lived infatuation of all time.

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